How to deal with insomnia

Lack of sleep can be an annoying problem. This is because it keeps you awake at a time when you have nothing else to do. You can try to go to bed and force yourself to fall asleep, but it does not just work. This is because your mind has already set up itself in such a way that it cannot sleep, and there is no way you can force things. According to sleep experts, insomnia is often caused by a variety of problems including alcohol consumption, medications, anxiety, and depression. Looking at these factors, you can easily note that they are things that can be corrected and therefore, insomnia too

should be avoidable. What you need is a perfect plan of how to eliminate it. At the start, it may be a difficult task especially if you do not have any idea of how to deal with insomnia.

Stick to a clear bedtime and wake time cycle

Your sleeping cycle is one of the biggest determiners of how you sleep. This is because as time goes by, your mind and body are accustomed to the cycle. You have to create a sleep and wake pattern so that the mind can also stick to It. For bedtimes, you do not have a problem with it, however, you may want to use alarms for the wake time. This will help you to avoid oversleeping and therefore, messing up with your patters. You will notice as time goes by that
you will not even need that alarm, or the watch that tells you when you go to bed. The body will have adjusted automatically, and you will sleep/wake at around the same time every day.

Avoid watching television in bed

Almost everyone is guilty of this. They want to go to bed, but they also still want to keep up with a few episodes of their favorite TV programs. Some of them also sleep with their smartphones and keep taking glances at social media developments when they should be sleeping. By doing this, your mind is given mixed signals. It does not know if you want to sleep, or play around some more. This explains the common occurrence where people fall asleep for a few minutes and wake up only to sleep again, and the pattern continues. Avoiding these things in bed sends a clear message to the mind.

Minimize daytime naps

3Nobody can resist a chance to take a nap in the afternoon when they get it. This is more important if your days are so buys and tiring. This is the reason some people will spare an hour to sleep off even in their offices. In as much as you may wake up feeling more revitalized, the effect is that you will find it difficult to sleep on time when night comes. Just minimize the minutes that you sleep during the day, and your nights will be better.

You can also know how to deal with insomnia if you improve the quality of your sleep. Find a better mattress and a more comfortable bed too.

Health Edge – Is Sugar Really Healthy for you?

The newest suggestions from the World Health Organization nutrition advisers show that only 3% of your calories that you take daily should contain so-called free sugars. Sugar can contribute to all sorts of diseases and have destructive effects on metabolism; it is the single worst ingredient in any diet.

Unpleasant Truth About Health Edge – Is Sugar Really Healthy for you?

2014-1008-ej-white-sugar-620x400Basically, sugar is divided into two types – added sugar, which is related to concentrated sources like fruit juice and common table sugar, and naturally occurring sugar in products. Researchers have found an intriguing link between unhealthy levels of blood fats and sugar.  It is known as dyslipidemia, an association between higher triglycerides, lower HDL cholesterol and added sugar. In fact, eating lots of sugar doubled a HDL cholesterol levels, strong risk factor for heart disease. People who ate the biggest amounts of added sugar had the lowest HDL cholesterol levels and highest triglyceride levels.

High Fructose Can Overload Your Liver

Woman-eating-sugar-cubes-Shutterstock-800x430In the digestive tract sugar is broken down into two simple components – fructose and glucose. Our bodies do not produce fructose as there is no need for such process. In a case of minimal fructose intake, it will be stored in the liver and turned into glycogen. But, eating a lot of fructose may overload the liver and start transforming process of turning sugar/ fructose into fat. Also note that it is impossible to overload liver by eating fresh fruit, it is caused only by refined sugars. Active, healthy can tolerate more sugar than inactive people who are on high calorie, high-carb diet.

Sugar and Insulin Resistance Issue

dt_140627_insulin_syringe_800x600Recent researches showed that having too much glucose in the body is one of the major reasons for diabetes as insulin is a extremely important hormone directly related with level of glucose in the system. Most sugar abundant diets cause the severe metabolic dysfunction when insulin stops working as it should as regular cells become absolutely resistant to it. This state is known as insulin resistance which leads to many diseases including metabolic auto somatic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Conclusion is simple, a lot of sugar can cause total resistance to the insulin which can lead to many diseases.

White Sugar and Cancer

sugar_7817431_1600x900msA cancer characterized by unrestrained multiplication of cells and insulin is one of the major hormones in regulating cell growth. Many researchers believe that having elevated insulin levels can cause cancer as the metabolic problems associated with high sugar consumption are a well-known potential cause of this disease. Due to its harmful effects on metabolism, there is substantial evidence that sugar, can directly contribute to cancer.

 Is There White Sugar Alternative?

Health experts are proclaiming the benefits of replacing refined white sugar with supposedly healthier sugars, such as maple syrup, molasses or honey. There are no essential fats, proteins, minerals or vitamins in sugar, nothing more than pure energy. However, the dilemma remains the same, as they are all are simple sugars. Still, you might be able to get the sweetness that you want with fewer calories as some of those sweeteners like honey, molasses or maple syrup have a stronger taste.

Rediscover Fitness: Practical Ways to Fit In Exercise

While most persons know they should exercise, the majority doesn’t know how to fit it into a busy schedule or where to start. The benefits of regular exercise are truly unmatched; physical activity can help you prevent many maladies including diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. Being fit also can help you lose weight and stay mentally alert. An exercise can be fun, but you must learn how to place fitness into your busy day!

Finding a Perfect Fitness Routine

Dance-Aerobics-04A perfect fitness routine also takes in weight training or resistance to increase endurance and muscle strength. The American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine recommend that healthy grown-ups get at least 15 minutes of energetic intensity aerobic exercise or 120 minutes of relaxed aerobic exercise per day. The AHA and ACSM acclaim that most grown-ups participate in such training at least three times a week.

Getting up early is a must

Wake-Up-Early1Get up early! If you do your fitness routine early in the morning, you will set a positive tone for the entire day. People who exercise in the early morning are more likely to be persistent and stick with an everyday routine.  At the end of a hard day you are not going to feel like exercising, therefore, do your working out early in the morning.

Time and Motivation – What Can You Do Today For Your Health?

Proper and effective scheduling your fitness routine isn’t as difficult as you might think! Here are four ways to get you moving more often:

  • Take a long way

Walking is great because you don’t need any exceptional equipment and anyone can do it. Get off a stop before your home and walk the extra mile. Evade escalators and elevators whenever possible –use stairs! Using stairs each day can be beneficial for your heart and general health. When you go to the grocery store or the mall, you can get a few extra minutes of walking if you park furthest from the entrance. A walking is one of the best exercises!

  • Make things harder

Try to understand this motto – if you make things harder, you can get more exercise. It takes about an hour and a half to wash the car by hand, but it is a great exercise. Use a push mower to groom your lawn or bring in the groceries one bag at a time. People typically try to make things easier, but if you knowingly make them harder, you will get more exercise.

  • omron-pocket-pedometer-fullsizeBuy a good pedometer

If you have a pedometer, you can see how many steps you’ve taken so far, and you will be inspired to make 6000 steps more. Spending on a decent pedometer can help you stay interested in your daily routine. If you keep your mind occupied 15,000 steps, a day won’t seem like such a scary task.

At the end of the day, if you cannot fit 20 minutes a day into your busy schedule, get more workout simply by adding a little extra walking distance or being less efficient with your daily household tasks.