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Rediscover Fitness: Practical Ways to Fit In Exercise

While most persons know they should exercise, the majority doesn’t know how to fit it into a busy schedule or where to start. The benefits of regular exercise are truly unmatched; physical activity can help you prevent many maladies including diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. Being fit also can help you lose weight and stay mentally alert. An exercise can be fun, but you must learn how to place fitness into your busy day!

Finding a Perfect Fitness Routine

Dance-Aerobics-04A perfect fitness routine also takes in weight training or resistance to increase endurance and muscle strength. The American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine recommend that healthy grown-ups get at least 15 minutes of energetic intensity aerobic exercise or 120 minutes of relaxed aerobic exercise per day. The AHA and ACSM acclaim that most grown-ups participate in such training at least three times a week.

Getting up early is a must

Wake-Up-Early1Get up early! If you do your fitness routine early in the morning, you will set a positive tone for the entire day. People who exercise in the early morning are more likely to be persistent and stick with an everyday routine.  At the end of a hard day you are not going to feel like exercising, therefore, do your working out early in the morning.

Time and Motivation – What Can You Do Today For Your Health?

Proper and effective scheduling your fitness routine isn’t as difficult as you might think! Here are four ways to get you moving more often:

  • Take a long way

Walking is great because you don’t need any exceptional equipment and anyone can do it. Get off a stop before your home and walk the extra mile. Evade escalators and elevators whenever possible –use stairs! Using stairs each day can be beneficial for your heart and general health. When you go to the grocery store or the mall, you can get a few extra minutes of walking if you park furthest from the entrance. A walking is one of the best exercises!

  • Make things harder

Try to understand this motto – if you make things harder, you can get more exercise. It takes about an hour and a half to wash the car by hand, but it is a great exercise. Use a push mower to groom your lawn or bring in the groceries one bag at a time. People typically try to make things easier, but if you knowingly make them harder, you will get more exercise.

  • omron-pocket-pedometer-fullsizeBuy a good pedometer

If you have a pedometer, you can see how many steps you’ve taken so far, and you will be inspired to make 6000 steps more. Spending on a decent pedometer can help you stay interested in your daily routine. If you keep your mind occupied 15,000 steps, a day won’t seem like such a scary task.

At the end of the day, if you cannot fit 20 minutes a day into your busy schedule, get more workout simply by adding a little extra walking distance or being less efficient with your daily household tasks.