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Health Edge – Is Sugar Really Healthy for you?

The newest suggestions from the World Health Organization nutrition advisers show that only 3% of your calories that you take daily should contain so-called free sugars. Sugar can contribute to all sorts of diseases and have destructive effects on metabolism; it is the single worst ingredient in any diet.

Unpleasant Truth About Health Edge – Is Sugar Really Healthy for you?

2014-1008-ej-white-sugar-620x400Basically, sugar is divided into two types – added sugar, which is related to concentrated sources like fruit juice and common table sugar, and naturally occurring sugar in products. Researchers have found an intriguing link between unhealthy levels of blood fats and sugar.  It is known as dyslipidemia, an association between higher triglycerides, lower HDL cholesterol and added sugar. In fact, eating lots of sugar doubled a HDL cholesterol levels, strong risk factor for heart disease. People who ate the biggest amounts of added sugar had the lowest HDL cholesterol levels and highest triglyceride levels.

High Fructose Can Overload Your Liver

Woman-eating-sugar-cubes-Shutterstock-800x430In the digestive tract sugar is broken down into two simple components – fructose and glucose. Our bodies do not produce fructose as there is no need for such process. In a case of minimal fructose intake, it will be stored in the liver and turned into glycogen. But, eating a lot of fructose may overload the liver and start transforming process of turning sugar/ fructose into fat. Also note that it is impossible to overload liver by eating fresh fruit, it is caused only by refined sugars. Active, healthy can tolerate more sugar than inactive people who are on high calorie, high-carb diet.

Sugar and Insulin Resistance Issue

dt_140627_insulin_syringe_800x600Recent researches showed that having too much glucose in the body is one of the major reasons for diabetes as insulin is a extremely important hormone directly related with level of glucose in the system. Most sugar abundant diets cause the severe metabolic dysfunction when insulin stops working as it should as regular cells become absolutely resistant to it. This state is known as insulin resistance which leads to many diseases including metabolic auto somatic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Conclusion is simple, a lot of sugar can cause total resistance to the insulin which can lead to many diseases.

White Sugar and Cancer

sugar_7817431_1600x900msA cancer characterized by unrestrained multiplication of cells and insulin is one of the major hormones in regulating cell growth. Many researchers believe that having elevated insulin levels can cause cancer as the metabolic problems associated with high sugar consumption are a well-known potential cause of this disease. Due to its harmful effects on metabolism, there is substantial evidence that sugar, can directly contribute to cancer.

 Is There White Sugar Alternative?

Health experts are proclaiming the benefits of replacing refined white sugar with supposedly healthier sugars, such as maple syrup, molasses or honey. There are no essential fats, proteins, minerals or vitamins in sugar, nothing more than pure energy. However, the dilemma remains the same, as they are all are simple sugars. Still, you might be able to get the sweetness that you want with fewer calories as some of those sweeteners like honey, molasses or maple syrup have a stronger taste.